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M E RC HAN DISI NG cont'd D I P.O.P. Merchandisers/Displays (cont'd) CATALOG NO. DESCRIPTION STANDARD PACK S MKT-POP-DEV16 DEVCODisplayRack­PB16 1 T MKT-POP-DEVBACKS DEVCOBackgroundGraphics­24"x32" Setof2 Pegboard/Slatwall R MKT-POP-DEVCOMBO DEVCODisplayRack­Combo 1 I MKT-POP-DEVELEC DEVCODisplayRack­Electrical 1 MKT-POP-DEVEZC DEVCODisplayRack­EZC 1 B MKT-POP-DTBACKS DiversiTechBackgroundGraphics­24"x32" Setof2 Pegboard/Slatwall U MKT-POP-DUCT SpeediChannelMerchandisingDisplay 1 T MKT-POP-GG GalloGunCounterDisplay 1 MKT-POP-PF Pro-FlushDisplay 1 O MKT-POP-TS TouchscreenThermostatDisplay 1 MKT-POP-WS WetSwitchCounterDisplay 1 R POP-1001 MerchandiserDisplayforSOSSwitch 1 POP-103 MerchandiserDisplayforGG-1&GGC-12 1 POP-106 MerchandiserDisplayforGG-1&GGC-6 1 MKT-POP-CHEM S U P P MKT-POP-DEVCOMBO MKT-POP-DEVBACKS O MKT-POP-DEVELEC MKT-POP-DEVEZC R T MKT-POP-DEV16 35 ;