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9 testo 300 M-I / testo 300 XL-I testo 300 M-I testo 300 XL-I Quick flue gas checks are of Additional benefits of interest for all industrial burners. testo 300 M-I: The testo 300 M-I/XLI flue gas Attachable printer (can also be analyser combines the accuracy used separately). The SoftCase and efficiency of large measuring protects the analyser from dirt systems. It is the ideal partner for and impact tuning burners, emission checks Larger memory for 100 and checking the atmosphere in complete measurements testo 300 M-I: Testo the production process. printer Memory upgrade for 400 All in one instrument: complete measurements Basic version testo 300 M-I: (optional) analysis of C, O2, CO; Differential temperature calculation of CO2, Lambda, measurement efficiency Manual CO switch-off to Optional: NO or SO2; parallel continue measurement in differential pressure, velocity and presence of high CO mass flow measurement; concentrations calculation of flue gas dew point Measurement of CO level in ambient air protects from CO poisoning (accessories) testo 300 XL-I: Infrared printer can be attached or Detection of leaks in gas pipes used separately protects from explosion (accessories) Large, illuminated display with clear user instructions and all of the Burner tuning with testo 300 XL-I and mini gas preparation unit connected important parameters at a glance Data memory for 20 measurements, documentation of readings via cordless infrared printer testo 300 M-I testo 300 XL-I RS 232 interface to PC: data exchange with Testo Software; online Flue gas analyser, incl. batteries and Flue gas analyser, incl. batteries and measurements calibration protocol; for measuring O2, calibration protocol; for measuring O2, Mains or optional rechargeable battery operation with up to 4 hours' CO2, CO (with H2 compensation), NO CO2, CO (with H2 compensation), NO (optional), SO2 (optional), absolute (optional), SO2 (optional), temperature, long-term measurements (not with compact gas drier) temperature, differential pressure differential pressure (optional), velocity Easy to change rechargeable battery and measuring cell on site (optional), velocity (optional), mass (optional), mass flow, volume flow, flue flow/volume flow (optional), flue gas gas dew point (optional), efficiency, flue Ready to operate 1 minute after switch-on dew point (optional), efficiency, flue gas gas loss, excess air Gas units displayed in ppm or mg/m loss, excess air Can be adjusted to measuring ranges specific to application using test gas on location Part no. 0563 0311 Part no. 0563 0301 Good reasons for flue gas measurement Flue gas duct Emission checks Combustion chamber meas. Burner adjustment testo 300-I is portable (battery Flue gas velocity can be testo 300-I has very wide The testo 300-I calculates air operated) which makes it easy to measured simultaneously when measuring ranges for the reliable ratio and efficiency to optimise take measurements in hard to emissions are checked. For detection of CO "nests" and to burner operation. The pressure in reach places in the flue gas duct. example, the position of a check for reduced atmosphere. the combustion chamber is Flue gas dew point measurement stationary sample probe can be The sampling probes can be measured parallel to the flue gas is used for quick and easy checked. The testo 300-I can be used at up to 1800C. In extreme values. This is particularly checks on the filter and to locate field calibrated with cal gas to conditions, the CO measuring cell important for multi-stage burners. ambient air leaks. accurately measure the emission in testo 300 XL-I can be switched Measurements lasting several value. out of the gas path. hours are possible with the optional mini gas preparation unit. ;