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REMS cropping tong M ­ for cutting threaded rods! REMS pressing tongs ­ High performance cropping tongs in forged and specially hardened steel for for all common pressfitting systems cutting threaded rods Reversible cropping inserts for double service life Cropping inserts with precise thread contour machined on CNC production centres ensure High-compression pressing tongs in forged and specially guidance of threaded rod during cropping. Thus cropping to length, free from burrs. hardened steel Pressing contours of REMS pressing B After cropping the threaded rod, just screw it into the threaded connection tongs are system-specific and correspond to the respective of the pipe clamp or nut Drive through all REMS radial presses and pressfitting system. Thus perfect system-conformity, safe through suitable radial presses of other makes crimping Pressing jaws of pressing tongs manufactured CO on CNC production centres ensure high-precision machining of pressing contour. Hence far closer tolerances compared to as cast pressing contour Drive through REMS Power- F Press E, REMS Power-Press 2000, REMS Akku-Press, REMS Akku-Press ACC and suitable drive units of other makes. All pressing tongs marked with * also fit into the G REMS Eco-Press drive unit. German Quality Product H HA German Quality Product HRA REMS cropping tong UNC 3/8" KI for threaded rods UNC 3/8" Art.-No. 571845 ASTM F 1807 REMS cropping tong UNC 1/2" on request. M Super simple ­ super quick MW US U VUS System Pressing tongs Art.-No. RF 3/8" ASTM F 1807 US * 571450 (Fittings with US 1/2" * 571455 Copper Crimp Ring US 3/4" * 571460 for PEX tubing) US 1" * 571465 SA US 11/4" 571470 Uponor ® Unipipe U 14* 570760 U 16* 570765 TH U 18* 570770 U 20* 570775 U 25* 570780 U 32 570785 U U 40 570790 Cropping to length, free from burrs No time-consuming deburring U 50 570795 involved U 63 (S) 572365 U 75 (S) 572370 US 1/2" ProPress VUS 571770 (Ridgid® Viega®) VUS 3/4" 571775 VUS 1" 571780 V NEW VUS VUS 11/4" 11/2" 571785 571790 VUS 2" 571795 REMS pressing tongs for other U.S. pressfitting systems on request. VP VUS VX After cropping the threaded rod, just and the job's done! screw it into the threaded connection of the pipe clamp WA In Europe, REMS delivers pressing tongs for over 100 different pressfitting systems. Application of REMS tools for pressfitting systems: Date 01.12. 2004. REMS pressing tongs for other pressfitting systems on request. 17 ;