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Section: General Information Table 2 Air Tube Combination (ATC) codes Firing Static ATC Codes for usable air tube lengths Rate (gph) Head plate size Venturi (`A' in inches; See Figure 3.) (min-max) (inches) 4-1/2 5 5-3/8 6-5/8 7 7-1/4 9 10-1/2 13 16 0.50-0.75 F0 3-3/8U None AF44XR - AF53XR AF65XR - AF72XR AF90XR AF104XR AF130XR A160XR 0.75-1.25 F3 2-3/4U None AF44XN - AF53XN AF65XN - AF72XN AF90XN AF104XN AF130XN AF160XN 0.85-1.35 F4 2-3/4U None AF44WH - AF53WH AF65WH - AF72WH AF90WH AF104WH AF130WH AF160WH 0.85-1.65 F6 2-3/4U None AF44YB - AF53YB AF65YB - AF72YB AF90YB AF104YB AF130YB AF160YB 1.10-2.00 F12 2-3/4U None AF44XO - AF53XO AF65XO - AF72XO AF90XO AF104XO AF130XO AF160XO 1.65-2.50 F22 2-3/4U None AF44XP - AF53XP AF56XP - AF72XP AF90XP AF104XP AF130XP AF160XP 2.50-3.00 F31 None None AF44XS - AF53XS AF65XS - AF72XS AF90XS AF104XS AF130XS AF160XS 0.50-1.10 L1 3-3/8U 8hole - AFG50MB - - AFG70MB - AFG90MB - - - 0.50-1.00 L2 2-3/4U 8hole AFG50MP - - AFG70MP - AFG90MP - - - 0.75-2.75 V1 2-3/4U 8hole - AFG50MD - - AFG70MD - AFG90MD - - - 0.40-0.75 F0 3-1/2U None AF44WG - AF53WG AF65WG - AF72WG AF90WG AF104WG AF130WG A160WG Special Requirements Professional Service Required THE INSTALLATION OF A BURNER SHALL BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE REGULATIONS OF Incorrect installation, adjustment, and AUTHORITIES HAVING JURISDICTION. use of this burner could result in severe For recommended installation practices in the U.S. personal injury, death, or substantial refer to the latest edition of NFPA 31. (CSA-B139 property damage from fire, carbon and CSA-B140 in Canada. monoxide poisoning, soot or explosion. Concealed damage -- If you discover damage to Please read and understand the manual supplied with the burner or controls during unpacking, notify the this equipment. This equipment must be installed, carrier at once and file the appropriate claim. adjusted and put into operation only by a qualified When contacting Beckett for service information individual or service agency that is: -- Please record the burner serial number (and have Licensed or certified to install and provide technical available when calling or writing). You will find the service to oil heating systems. serial number on the silver label located on the left Experienced with all applicable codes, standards rear of the burner. Refer to Figure 1. and ordinances. Responsible for the correct installation and commission of this equipment. Skilled in the adjustment of oil burners using combustion test instruments. The installation must strictly comply with all applicable codes, authorities having jurisdiction and the latest revision of the National Fire Protection Association Standard for the installation of Oil-burning Equipment, NFPA 31 (or CSA-B139 and CSA-B140 in Canada). Regulation by these authorities take precedence over the general instructions provided in this installation manual. 6104 BAFG R06 Page 5 ;